ND Day 2021 – Expanding the Day

ND Day 2021 ND Club of Austin Expanding the Day text and shamrock icon

Notre Dame Club of Austin (NDCoA) values members of the tri-campuses who undertake diversity and inclusion efforts to build welcoming and equitable experiences for all. Our leadership team has decided to show our commitment to the diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) efforts of other student groups this upcoming Notre Dame Day by campaigning alongside them to increase awareness and visibility within alumni communities.  

Starting today, we are running a campaign we created called Expanding The Day where our platform will share the spotlight with different student groups whose mission is to create a more equitable and inclusive Notre Dame experience for current and future students.  We are proud to highlight the amazing work of the following;

Each day this week, you can look forward to learning more about the work of each of these groups on our social media channels.  A new group will be provided the spotlight each day on Facebook and Instagram.  This week’s newsletter is also dedicated to raising awareness around their work.  NDCoA would like to thank the other alumni clubs who are partnering with us to amplify the message.

As alumni, we recognize the role we play in shaping the student experience for the better.  Therefore, we highly recommend our members to consider donating to these student groups and supporting their important work.  We encourage all members to continue to donate to their favorite groups and, if you are able to, also show support to those we are championing.  Our goal is to expand the opportunity as we feel every club on campus does amazing things to make the Notre Dame experience that much better.  

Since Notre Dame Day is a fundraising competition in which shares of the total $250,000 prize money is split based on performance of all groups, NDCoA will be excusing ourselves from actively campaigning for donations to our club.  We recognize we are afforded opportunities to drum up financial support consistently throughout the year with programs like football ticket sales, UND Celebrations, merchandise sales and other events.  We’d like to spend this particular time to create awareness for these outstanding groups by keeping a collective focus on their efforts.  

NDCoA is committed to creating a robust DEI program where all in our local community feel welcome and appreciated.  There is work we as leaders need to do to create opportunity for others and to become better allies.  We do feel that supporting students who champion equity and representation is a step in the right direction towards everyone feeling at home under the Dome.

Notre Dame Club of Austin Leadership