We Are ND

As leaders within the Southwest Region, we stand together against racial hatred and the unjust treatment of people because of the color of their skin.

We stand in solidarity and support our Black Alumni, friends, students and their families, and the Black Community as a whole.

We believe Black Lives Matter. We also believe that all lives matter. Until everyone receives equal treatment and has equal access, we support peaceful actions for change.

We stand with and support the brave and honorable police officers and their families in our communities and we pray for their safety and sound judgement.

We condemn the actions that led to the death of George Floyd. We denounce systemic racism and discrimination.

We will take actions as sons and daughters of Notre Dame to discourage and dismantle racism.

We choose love and we will not be silent.

We encourage you to join us in understanding diversity and to celebrate the uniqueness of others who are different from ourselves.

We encourage you to actively welcome diversity into the Notre Dame family, club events, and club leadership.

We want you to join us in reaching out to the Black members of the Notre Dame family in your respective areas that you already know and love to offer your support and listen to their concerns.

We ask you to join us in starting conversations, listening to people’s experiences, accepting that they may offer perspectives you’ve never considered, becoming informed with many of the resources we are attaching, and taking actions to be part of the answer.

We invite you to share the “ND Student Government’s Statement on Racial Justice and the Murder of George Floyd” with your members and encourage them to sign.

We encourage you to follow and share in your club emails and social media the information provided by the Boards of APA, BA, HA, NA, and the Multicultural Student Services and Programs office at ND.

We will continue to pray for peace and equality for all individuals.

We are all Notre Dame.

Martin Scruggs, ’92, Southwest Regional Director

Lisa Gutilla SMC ’98, President, ND Club of Austin

John Garza ’98, President, ND Club of Corpus Christi

Kim Griffin, ‘87 MBA, President, ND Club Fort Worth

Ian Hernandez ’97, President, ND Club of Houston

Amber St. Julian, ’11, Diversity Coordinator, ND Club of Houston

Julie Koenig Keenan ’96, President ND Club of Eastern Kansas

Juanita M. Alejandro ’00, Diversity Coordinator, ND Club of San Antonio

Lamar Guillory ’94, President ND Club of Tulsa

Val Alonzo ’96, President, ND Club of San Antonio and Southwest Regional Director for Diversity