For the benefit of the Notre Dame Club of Austin’s scholarship fund, the Club is raffling 2 game tickets to your choice of ND football home games.  Any dues paying Club member can participate – and all participants can win prizes!


Get your raffle ticket(s) now – before the 100 raffle tickets sell out or the sale closes.  Simply purchase raffle ticket(s) using PayPal below to be eligible to win.  The drawing will be held on March 4th at half-time of the men’s basketball gamewatch (ND vs Louisville) at Haymaker.

Raffle ticket prices start at $35 per raffle ticket but decrease as you purchase more – see below.  Everyone can win something!



  1. First prize receives: 2 ND home game tickets (you choose which game), two Club t-shirts, two Yeti colsters or ramblers, and a $50 BD Riley’s gift card
  2. Second prize receives: a Club t-shirt, a Yeti colster or rambler, and a $25 BD Riley’s gift card
  3. All other participants in attendance at the drawing receive a Club t-shirt

Purchase Raffle Tickets Here

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Phone # (backup contact info)

Raffle Details

The winning raffle ticket will receive:

The second place raffle ticket will receive:

Every participant will win a t-shirt – but you must be present at the raffle drawing to pick up your t-shirt.

How to Participate:

See above to purchase raffle tickets using PayPal and make sure you’ve paid Club dues in the year before the drawing (email to inquire if you’re unsure of when you last paid dues).  Purchasing multiple raffle tickets in one purchase decreases the price per raffle ticket.

The first and second place winners will be contacted after the drawing using the contact information provided when purchasing the raffle ticket via PayPal.  When purchasing a raffle ticket via PayPal, please ensure that the contact information (email used with PayPal and phone number) provided is valid.  You do not need to attend the drawing to win, but please ensure that your contact info is correct when purchasing your ticket.

Eligible Raffle Ticket Purchasers and Winners:

All members who have paid Club dues in the year before the drawing are welcome to purchase any number of raffle tickets.

Schedule of Events:

February 16th: Raffle tickets become available for purchase

March 3rd: Last day to purchase raffle tickets online

March 4th: Drawing held & last day to purchase tickets in person- up until the drawing. The drawing will be held at half-time of the men’s basketball gamewatch (ND vs Louisville).

Raffle Drawing Process / Determination of the Prize Winners:

On March 4th, the raffle drawing will be held and the winners announced.  The winners, if not in attendance, will be notified soon after using the contact information provided via PayPal.  You do not need to attend.

Each raffle ticket purchase will receive a number.  Raffle ticket purchasers will be notified by email of each of their raffle ticket numbers before the drawing.  Those numbers will be written on poker chips.  All poker chips will be deposited into an opaque container and shaken vigorously.  A person independent from the Notre Dame Club of Austin will blindly reach into the container and retrieve a single poker chip – this is the winning chip.  That same person will reach into the container and retrieve a second poker chip – this is the second place chip.

Similar to how the first two chips were retrieved, a third chip will then blindly be retrieved from the container – this is a backup chip in the event that the owner of the winning chips cannot be contacted.  If the winning chip owner cannot be contacted by August 1st, then the prize will be forfeited by the first place winner and the second place winner will receive this prize.  The second place winner’s prize will be provided to the backup chip.  If the second place winner cannot be contacted, then this prize will be forfeited and the backup winner will receive this prize.  If the backup chip owner cannot be contacted, we’ll figure something out.