The Notre Dame Club of Austin is pleased to announce an auction of 48 tickets to the University of Texas at Austin – University of Notre Dame football game at Notre Dame Stadium on September 5th, 2015 for NDCoA dues paying members.

Auction Summary:

  • This is a Dutch auction where the highest bidders pay the price of the 48th highest bid ticket with a minimum of $125 / ticket without knowing other bidders’ bids
  • You must be a dues paying NDCoA member at the time that the auction closes for your bid to be considered
  • Submitting a bid costs $1
  • Bidding opens on June 1 and the last day to bid is July 13th
  • Pay your dues here and place your bid below by completing the information below


Place Your Bid Here:

Bidding has ended. Thank you for participating!

More Information:

How to Participate:

  • You must be a dues paying member of NDCoA for your bid to be considered: . What’s meant by “be a dues paying member”? This means that you must have paid dues at any time between July 14th, 2014 and July 13th, 2015.  Refunds for dues will not be provided.
  • Then, place your bid on the right by filling out the information described below.  Submitting a bid costs $1.  Note the Schedule of Events below for important auction dates.  Information and your bid will be submitted through PayPal
    • Enter the quantity of tickets (maximum 4 per bidder)
    • Enter bid amount per ticket (minimum $125)
    • Enter other information requested (such as contact information) prior to checking out.  The winners of the auction will be invoiced after the auction using the contact information provided when submitting a bid via PayPal, such as the email address used for PayPal.  When bidding via PayPal, please ensure that the contact information provided is valid.

Eligible Auction Bidders:

  • Notre Dame Club of Austin dues paying members are eligible to participate in the auction.  Bidders must be current on their dues when the auction ends – see the Schedule of Events below.  Non-dues paying bidders’ bids will not be given an opportunity to pay dues if they have submitted a top 48 bid.
  • Bidders do not need to be a UT or ND alumnus to participate, but should be part of the NDCoA community.  Those bids without ties to NDCoA will be discarded.
  • The ND Club of Austin Board Members managing the auction (President and Treasurer) will not be allowed to bid. Other Board members will not have access to the submitted bids.

Schedule of Events:
June 1: Auction opens – visit to pay membership dues and then place your bid above.

July 13th: Last day to bid.

After the auction:

  • The winners will be invoiced using the contact information (email address used to submit the bid with PayPal) provided when bidding.  Tickets will be mailed as soon as they are received by the Club, but after the auction ends.

Detailed Auction Rules:

  • Reserve price per ticket is $125
  • All winners will pay the price of the 48th highest bid ticket, rather than his/her (higher) bid.  Ties will be awarded to the bid that was submitted earliest.  If the bid of the 48th highest bid ticket was a bid for multiple tickets, one or more of which became the 49th or lower highest bid ticket, then the bid will be split.  In other words, the bidder will only receive part of his/her bid.
  • The auction is a blind auction – meaning that bidders will not know the bids of the other bidders at any time.
  • A bidder can purchase up to 4 tickets in total, which can be placed via separate bids if one desired to do so.  For example, one could bid for 2 tickets at one price and another 2 tickets at another price. However, only that bidders’ highest 4 ticket bids will be considered.  That bidders’ bids for tickets beyond his/her 4th highest will be discarded.
  • Effort will be made to group a winning bidder’s seats together, but this cannot be guaranteed.  Effort will be made to provide the best seats to the higher bidders, but exceptions will be made in circumstances where seats could be grouped together by adjusting the seat allotment.